How to automate your electric gate? May 8th, 2018   [viewed 33 times]

Technological change facilitates human life in several areas.

Portal is simplified, therefore use of home automation. Its system of opening and closing is done by automatism with the help of an electromechanical operator.


Home automation portal system: what characteristics?

The electric gate can be automated. It is enough to have the accessories of domotics.

This system can be installed on any gate model: swing and sliding.

Simply place the following materials on your device: the wall control, the button key box that allows to open the device with a key, the code box that allows to open the device with a key.

Switches the device's system on by entering the code, the receiver receives the signal from rf transmitter, remote control as transmitter, antenna for signal distance.


The feeding system of your gate must take its weight into account in order to avoid not slow down the mechanism.


It is advisable to take a remote control. It is easy to transport and replace. You must know the reference number and make of your remote control in case of loss or malfunction. This is necessary in order to facilitate coding of the receiver and the transmitter. For example, if you have the cam remote control, you should take the same as the device in case of malfunction of the old one. If the model is no longer on the market, you have to take the universal cam remote. All you have to do is program the coding.


The advantages of the home automation system in the portal

The use of motorized gates will improve your life on several points:

It saves time. For example: you are no longer obliged to go down from car to open and close, you are no longer forced to go to the device in order to to open visitors. All you have to do is use your remote control switch. In addition, it can automatically activate its locking system by detection of movement.